Objective: talk about the cute little friend.

❤ Bunny ❤

Sure it can be fun trying to make it through a level with no guns and just trying to sneak your way past everything but what about all the shooting? This is meant to be a 3rd person shooter!

Here we can use some ray casts to check if we…

objective: looking into the difference between world space and local space.

When working with 2D and 2.5D we haven’t really had to worry about local space and world space since we are always heading in 1 direction but with 3D we will have to start worrying about it. …

Objective: Starting a new project this time with zombies and in 3D! and a bonus.


Image from the Tv Series “The Walking Dead”

Time flies when you’re having fun, and the 2D dungeon escape was fun but as it draws to a close for now (more to come as always lol) it’s time to move onto the world of 3D by making a 3rd person zombie shooter.

Since we are working in…

Objective: Publishing to the google play store.

This one could have been a lot easier than it was but things happened. The first time uploading a game to the play store was a bit of a hassle but it was an eye-opening experience that should make the next time uploading a game much easier.

To start out…

objective: Adding in the cross-platform input controller

After making a build that would load on the phone to see if all the UI was the right size/place it was time to start making all those controls work for real.

Actually running on my phone!

Here we are going to be cheating, well just a little. We can use the asset store to…

Objective: shed some light on some useful shortcuts in Visual Studio for Windows.

This one is a little different from the ones I’ve been writing lately but it’s helpful nonetheless. Sadly this is only for Windows PC as I don’t have a way to test on Mac PC. You may already know some of these maybe even all of them but when I…

Objective: Creating a loot system in Unity

It might have been a bit off-screen but all the enemies have been set up, they all move, attack, and when killed, have a death animation. With all that done, why not add in a way to reward the player. Loot system anyone?

Here we are going to add in…

Rose Owen

Game Developer in the making~

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