Objective: Adding in a ledge grab system.

Now that we have the animation system up we can add in the animations for grabbing the side of a ledge and then pulling ourselves up. Animations are from Mixamo with slight tweaks to some of them to make the animations flow better.

If it really was as simple as adding in some animations to grab a ledge, this article would be a lot shorter…

Time to break down what we want to happen:

Objective: Adding in a new Player model.

Here I used an amazing little plug-in for unity from GameDevHQ called FileBase. Which if you want to take a look, you can find it here. It is free to download and some of the assets are able to be downloaded but to get full access there is a small fee. Currently, there are thousands of assets able to be downloaded and more are being added all the time, all of which are game-ready assets. Well worth it in my opinion. This was also where all the level assets have been sourced from if you were wondering.

objective: Upgrading the project to URP in unity.

For this one, you will need Version 2019.3.0f3 of unity or higher. Found this one out when I was trying to use my 2019.2.12f1 and it wasn’t showing up.

Massive sigh.

ANYWAYS!, after making a new project and importing the files I was left facing this….

Objective: Being able to jump off walls in unity.

Here we can get to live out many kids' childhood fantasies and start to be a ninja! At least in the sense, we get to play as one. How are we going to do this? By giving us the ability to jump off a wall, making us able to scale up tight spaces with ease, just like a ninja.

Objective: Adding in lives for the player.

I really wasn’t going to write this one since it seemed a bit of a waste but then I remembered something, checkpoints. In a lot of games, a feature that can save your sanity for another day is checkpoints. A point to come back to when you lose to the boss, instead of having to walk all the way back from the start of the game, we can make it so you can come back just in front of the boss.

Let’s start with the lives side of things first. We are going…

Objective: Adding some moving platforms in Unity

Time to add in some challenges while we travel through the level, time to add in some moving platforms!

This is what we are aiming for in this article, being able to jump on a platform and moving along with it.

First, we want to set up the moving platform. Here we can get a cube stretch it out and add a new script to it, calling it moving platform. We also need a rigid body with gravity turned off as it will be needed later to get the player moving with the platform.

Objective: Creating Collectables in Unity

It really doesn’t have to be gold but adding in some currency to a game can always make things interesting. We can also use this currency as a test to see if the player has collected them all before being able to move onto the next level.

Starting out on our 2.5D platformer all we have at the moment is the platforms and a bit of movement. Next, we want to add in an objective, like collecting some gold!

Objective: How to add Double Jump to your Game

This one you might have seen in my last article listed as “shh spoilers”, here we are going to go over how it’s done!

long live River Song!

This one is actually pretty easy to pull off. All that is needed is a bool to know if we can do another jump in mid-air.

Objective: Creating a Physics-Based Character Controller in Unity

All this time we have been using a rigid body to do our moving in the games so far, here we are going to make a physics-based character controller using another feature that unity has to offer.

With this, we have access to a lot of useful methods already made for us, you can check it out here on the unity scripting API.

First though, let’s add in some movement to the player just to get a handle on it. We can use the same way we moved the player in the 2D space shooter, by getting the Input.GetAxis, since…

Objective: A look back and forwards.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been working on the Cinematography course from GameDevHq. Over this time I have learnt a lot when it comes to all things Cinematography and some things aren’t related but very helpful in ways of coding. You can check out the results here.

There were some problems along the way but in the end, I was able to either fix them outright or make workarounds that make it seem like they were meant to be there. A prime example of this would be the lighting problems I was having. …

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