Installing Unity & Getting Started with Game Development

Rose Owen
3 min readMay 7, 2021

Objective: Installing unity and start making amazing worlds as a game developer.

First we need to get Unity, head on over to the to pick up a copy by clicking on that Get Started button.

It should take you to the plans and pricing options, change over to the Individual tab and click on get started under Personal. This plan will get you started and let you try out everything unity has to offer with no cost. You can change your plan at any time to higher plans but not lower so do be careful if you do upgrade.

Next screen asks if you are a first-time user or returning user, you can scroll down on the page to take a look at what the first time user one will offer, do note that you can do these at any time for either links. We will be clicking returning users from here though.

Accept the terms and start downloading the Unity Hub

While it’s downloading we can make a Unity account, that’s if you don’t already have one. Skips this step if you have one. In the top right of the unity page click the out line of a person which will show up like the pic below, next create a Unity ID.

Fill in the fields and click Create a Unity ID. By this time the Unity Hub should have downloaded, if not, wait till it has downloaded and click though, choose where you want it installed.

The hub can be very useful, those other projects that come with the first time users can be found under the learn tab.

You can also keep track of all the different versions of unity you have installed too, that’s under the installs tab.

Back to the Projects tab for now though, this is where all your Projects you are working on are accessed from, if you want to add in an old project you can click on add and select the folder it’s in.

To start a new one click the new button to use the latest unity version you have installed or click the drop down to select a version you want to use. Though since this is your first time it will ask you to select one. this may take some time to download though, all depending on your download speed but after it’s downloaded you are all set to start making games!