Makeup for Games.

How to use Post Processing in Unity.

Objective: Learning how to use Post Processing within unity to add to the game.

Not every game looks amazing right off the bat. But being able to add a little something extra to enhance its beauty with a little Post Processing is like a lady putting on makeup in the morning. It can make a game Stand out, and not always in a good way, like makeup it needs to be balanced.

Let’s go through how to add it to the game and take a look at some of the settings we can play around with to give that game a little extra flare.

First, we will need to install the package, just like we did for the 2D Sprite package. Windows>Package Manager then search for Post Processing.

Click Install and wait till it has installed.

Now that we have the package installed, we can start with setting up the Post Processing so we can use it in our project.

There are a few things that we are going to need to be able to get it working. First, we are going to need a volume, this will be where all the effects are stored.

Create an Empty Game Object, this will hold the Post Processing Volume, give it a fitting name and add the Post-Process Volume.

Since we want for the Post-Processing to apply to the whole game, Click on “Is Global” and then for the Profile, click on New. This will add a new volume we can add effects to which will change the look of our game.

Next, we want the camera to pick up all these changes. Select the main camera and add the component Post Process Layer. It’s looking for a layer which we will need to add if you don’t have one already. (Pic 1) Click on “default” beside Layer, this should open a drop-down menu. At the bottom click on Add Layer. (Pic 2) Select a layer and add Post Processing. (Pic 3) After adding, click back on the Main Camera, On the Post Processing layer (script) select the Post Processing Layer we just made.

The Main Camera itself doesn’t need to be on the Post Processing layer, only under the Post Process Layer (Script).

With the camera all set up, we can jump back on the Post Processing Volume for the last part. Change the layer of the post Processing volume to the Post Processing layer and all that’s left to do is add in some effects to change how the game looks.

Adding Effects:

This is where you can let your artistic side come out to play. By clicking on the Add Effect Button, then Unity, you will be opened up to some options to add to your project.

A lot can change, even with just a little change with the effects.

Using 3 different effects, makes the game look almost like another game.

Adding in too much can have adverse effects, they can still have their charms though.

And one using every kind of effect there is. It has its charm but still a bit over the top.

Adding in all these changes really makes it look completely different, maybe a bit too much. But those explosions do look amazing!

Warning: Flashing lights.

Just look at those explosions!

Game Developer in the making~