Turning all the small parts so far into a playable game.

Objective: Making prefabs to be able to block out a level.

Rose Owen
4 min readAug 1, 2021

So we have added almost everything needed to be able to make this into a level. Here we can make some prefabs of the platforms and we can throw together a level to show off what we have learnt so far.

Probably should have made a dolly track to show it off lol

The first thing we will want to do is make some prefabs, this will cut down the time it will take to make the level.

Let’s start with the moving platform. This one can be thrown together rather quickly and modified to fit into any place. First, we need a container for the moving platform, this will store the points it moves between and the platform itself.

With having them in a container, the platform can move from point A to point B without the points moving along with the platform. Having the point A setup on the platform (which should be reset back to 0,0,0 for ease of use later) we can move the platform to where we want it to start/end and then move the point B to where we want it to move between.

Next, we can prefab out the end of the ledges. Here we can take all the parts that made up our ledge grab system we made in the last one, this should keep all the positions we set up for the animations too (double yay).

Yeah, it has a lot of bits to make it look like that. Least we won’t have to place them all again :D

With one side done, we can just rotate the whole thing 180, and BAM! the other side is done as well!

With the sides done we can now set up the bulk of the platforms. Here I ended up making one side and then reversing it to get the other side. If you wanted to, you can make different ones a little like this, which can break up the repetitiveness of the patterns but for now, this will work.

Now that we have the prefabs made up, we can block out a level. By dragging in the prefabs and using the duplicate to make bigger platforms, we can block out a level in no time flat!

As you can see, with prefabs already made, you can put together a level really quickly. Normally I do put a bit more care into where the platforms line up, this was just to show how easy and quickly you can make the starting of a level.

The more prefabs you can make the more choices you will have, like with that one I could have made the larger platforms into a prefab which would make it even faster again.

Hope this was helpful and showed you how useful prefabs can be for blocking out levels even if it’s just for testing. We can always come back later for little touchups. As always test things to make sure they are working as intended and see you in the next one!