When one firepower isn’t enough!

Objective: Adding in secondary firepower.

Having more options is always a good thing. Currently, we have 2 different ways to fire, a single shot and a triple shot. This is all good and well but getting a new way to kill all the enemies would be nice.

I call it, Star Burst!

Making the prefabs:



After finding an image I liked and after a couple of touch-ups,

Something to stand out.

Player’s Script:

This one should be super quick. We will need somewhere to store the prefab, and a bool to be able to tell if we have the new firepower or not.

Adding in the ammo count ++ makes it so it doesn’t use ammo to shoot.
To make the new firepower not too powerful, added in a slower fire rate.

Powerup Script:

This one is super crazy short lol, 3 lines short. All that is needed was to add in a new case for the new firepower.


Back to the inspector now where we can finish it all off.


Drop in the prefab for the new firepower,

And… done.

Spawn Manager:

Drop in the prefab for the pickup for the new Firepower.

And… done.

Game Developer in the making~