When you start Unity but you have an Ultra Wide screen!

Rose Owen
3 min readMay 9, 2021

When you start up unity for the first time you will get to see this, all in all it’s usable but we can do better. Great thing is even if you don’t have an ultra wide screen, the changes we are going to make can work for you too.

First you can try out all the different layouts that come with unity, they are found in the top right, just below the X to close Unity.

You might have noticed 2 extra ones in there, it’s what we are going to change to, which should make things more productive. First you are going to change to 2 by 3, which will save a bit of time moving things around.

Should look something a bit like this. Next you will want to move the project below the Hierarchy.

On the project tab, let’s change it so we can see things a bit easier too. Click on the 3 lines with the a down arrow right beside the lock, change it from 2 Columns to 1

This will let us see what’s in multiple folders, not just the one we are clicked on.

Ah, much better. Best part about all this is you can change things around, add things in you use a lot or take things out you don’t. Maybe you would like it better if the game view and the scene view were beside each other not on top like in the screenshot above, BAM!

A simple click and drag and it’s done.
This is what works for me and hopefully it can help you, even if it’s just a starting point for your layout. One last thing, when you get it perfect or find one you are liking, remember to save it so you don’t have to redo everything from the start again.

Don’t forget to give it a name to remember it by.